Don’t be that guy stuck at home doing laundry.

Student plans start first week of school, January 8th.

What is Laundry U ?

Laundry U is a Wash & fold laundry service that is picked up and delivered right to your front door. We promise to return all of your clothes washed, dried, and folded neatly within 36 hours.

Average hours spent a week on Laundry per person
hours spent on laundry by College Students #yikes
People who have lost One Sock from the Machine

How it works

Sign Up for the Service

Select the size that is most fitting for you.  We offer 3 different sizes that can be picked up either weekly, bi-weekly, or on demand.  

  • 15 lbs. – Common for College Students
  • 20 lbs. – Common for the young professional 
  • 25 lbs. – Best for people that feel like they always have laundry to do.


After Scheduling a Laundry bag will be delivered to your home within 1-2 days. 

Based off of what day is best for you, we will pick up your dirty clothes bag will be picked up.

We return the clothes washed, cleaned and folded, just like you would find from a nice retail store.

Our Goal is to Give you control of your time.

Don’t be that friend that can’t go out creating amazing memories , because you have to stay at home and finish up your laundry.  

Just remember, no one has ever said...

" I wish I had more time to do laundry "


We offer three laundry bags that can be picked up weekly or bi-weekly. We have three different bag sizes that are able to accommodate any of your


Everything we handled with the upmost care and professionalism; We track each and every item to ensure everything is returned in like-new condition.


We are environmentally conscious in everything we do. We start out by only using products that use silicon to extract the dirt versus the harmful chemicals that others us.

Giving Back

We all know someone who has or is currently serving in the armed forces, and Laundry U wants to give back to our USA veterans. Every 15 customers we wash a veterans bag for free !

About Us

Started by a college student geared towards college students. Having close family members and friends served the military is what fuels the passion to give back.

Still confused how it works ?

Questions :

Give us a call or shoot us a text

( 614 ) 633 - 9234

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