Frequently Asked Questions

How long does laundry take

We return clothes within 36 hours or maybe less!  Most other services take 3-4 days!

How does billing work

We securely process all of our transactions through the largest online payment processing company, Stripe.  We have access to our customers card and bill you after your weekly or bi-weekly service.

I am confused at what size I need

We totally understanding.  Thinking in terms of pounds isn’t how most of us think about laundry, an average hamper holds 7.5 lbs.  Check out our sizing page for more help.

If I overfill my bag what happens

If you overfill your bag, we understand.  We give a pound of lead way, but after the first pound over, we charge $1.75 / lbs.

What happens if something is missing from my bag

Things do happen, but this is extremely unlikely.  However, in the event that something is missing we will reimburse the item of clothing provided with proof of purchase.

I referred a friend can I get discount

Absolutely!  The best feedback we receive if a referral, and we want to give you credit for it!  Simply fill out the form and we will reduce your bill!

How do I cancel my service

We are extremely sorry to have lost your service, but to expedite the process for you, simply contact us and we will terminate your subscription.

At the end of the day, we are simply trying to give you your time back.

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